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Birthdate:Mar 23
Location:Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
I am a proud parent, wife, teacher, responsible pet owner and writer.
I have lived in Cincinnati for most of my life but also lived for about three years in Florida, during college.

I come from a long line of writers. No one is famous, but they do write. My mom's cousin Bob became an off-Broadway playwright. There are authors in my husband's side of the family too. My daughter is a journalism major. Writing is what we do.
I wrote a memoir about growing up adopted in the 1960's, 70's and 80's. I began it in 2002 and finished it in 2008, although I am still doing edit work on it. I mostly write during the summers when school is out. I also like to write late at night, alone. One day I would like to publish my book. I am not yet ready due to family concerns. When you write about family matters, there is always much to consider. In 2012, the book was professionally edited. 99 Designs has provided two book jacket designs. One will go on the book. One will go on the blog/ website.

My writing influences:
1-Anne Frank...The ultimate journal keeper.
3-The GLASS CASTLE by Jeanette Walls
5- Earl Hamner, Jr.
6- ON WRITING by Stephen King
7- The Wizard of
9-The World According to
10-Dan in Real

I am a licensed Spanish teacher with 25 + years experience in the classroom and private tutoring. I am also studying to become licensed in the area of Special Ed, and most of the past five years of my work life has been focused on being an aide or substitute for a lot of special needs students. My daughter is dyslexic, and her journey through the school system inspires me.

My next book will be about teaching. I am already working on it.

My LJ is literally MY SPACE. It's my safe place to vent and share. If you are also friended w me on FB or any other social site, please understand this. I do not X-post from LJ to any other site for security reasons. If a photo or two happens to appear both here and there, it's because I posted safe stuff separately.
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