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I confess.

I wasn't going to write for LJ Idol and told everyone it was because I had a big work week. It wasn't about being too busy with work, although I was busy. I just had way too many "feelz" going on last week regarding work drama and then all the political drama that reemerged as Inauguration Day drew closer. I simply could not write.

Another confession: I voted Independent. I never wanted HRC, but I didn't trust DJT. However, I agree w his stance about doing away with Common Core. It's pretty pointless busywork for teachers. We don't need more of that.

Confession #3: I'm a Republican. I have a lot of on line Democrat/ " Liberal" friends. I try to learn from you all. As a teacher I want and need to understand both sides in order to better educate others, but I usually vote Indy or Republican. Except for Senator John Glenn. I always voted for John Glenn because John Glenn was amazing and the kind of senior citizen I hope to be one day: active, involved, happy and setting a good example. There's no dirt on John Glenn.

That being said, even as a Repub, I am fairly socially liberal. I agree with and like many causes. I accept social groups of people equally. However, I'm not much for political marches and rallies. I do not trust that these events will stay civil or be maintained with class. I'd rather send money to support a cause. If people donated as much as gets spent on so many mass gatherings, the causes would have all the money they needed. Of course, if you do actually walk, there are exercise benefits, so there's that.

Also I am not into people free-loading. I get everyone needs some help now and then, and any of us could be one bad medical diagnosis from bankruptcy. Kids especially need food, shelter, cleanliness and safety plus education. What I do not understand is how someone that broke can still afford to buy huge TVs, get tattoos, a designer smart phone, liquor, pot and cigarettes, but they can't make rent. I also think you should be drug-tested to qualify for welfare. I believe in funding rehab programs so that anyone who has not passed a drug test will pass a drug screening and then get the help they need; but their children should always be helped. Welfare should never be cut on kids, but the issue is whether the parents can properly manage their kids' money.

I've done walk-a-thons to support schools and diseases like leukemia. Zumba people hold Zumbathons all the time for heart research, ASPCA, breast cancer, etc. In fact last weekend, instead of marching for women's issues or general civil rights, (depending on your interpretation of the events), I took part in a Zumbathon that raised $1000 approximately plus toys for Children's Hospital. I was both a participant and leader. The Sunday prior I went to one for supporting a homeless shelter here in town. Fun + Funds= Win-Win!

Confession #4: Guns suck. I don't ever want one. I do not judge anyone who does as long as they have proper weapon education and safety habits. Personally, I don't want anything more sophisticated than a super-soaker or maybe paintball shooter.

Confession#5: Abortion sucks too. I would never do it or have wanted my daughters to endure it. I have 2 RL friends who did it in college. I do not judge them. They also think it sucks, but at the time they had no options. (You don't have options if your parents are staunchy, uber-conservs who will not tolerate a pregnant 19-year-old in their lives, but running away is also not an option.) If you have to do it, you have to do it. The government should not be making these decisions for adult women. I'm sure aborting is not a choice someone would make lightly. My birth mother could have aborted me or my sister. She didn't, and I am happy she chose life for us. I teach a lot of special needs students. Two of my sisters are also employed in the adult version of what I do in school. We aren't in our jobs to make money. We're in it because we feel these people have worth and we love their appreciation and their families' support. All the SPED kids I know now could have been terminated, and I thank G-d for them every day. Again, not because they provide jobs but because they are all good and genuine people. Our world needs good and genuine people.

Our USA administration now is scary. It's scary because it's new. 8 years ago a lot of people thought that was a scary time. It turned out OK. We will persevere. We will find ways to prosper and have meaningful, happy lives. That's what good Americans do. We make it work. We stop complaining, and we make it work.

Many of us have politically and socially divided families. I'm not alone in this. Eight years ago, my beloved but super-conservative FIL let the Obama Administration and Fox News rule his well-being to the point of making him lose hope and die in 2010. ( Note: I do not blame Obama. FIL's mental paradigm did it.) My husband and I roll our eyes at most of Fox News. Then I have one daughter who spent Friday, January 20th in tears and most of Saturday in her pink cap at a rally. So our family is all over the place. We're all doing what we can to support one another and be our own safe harbor for our feelings.

So, please. I put myself out there by stating my views. I won't preach mine or try to convert you to mine, nor do I want you to try to convert me or insult my POV. Sometimes I feel as a privileged, white, straight, Repub female, it's not "safe" or socially acceptable to share my views, so this is a risk I am taking. Please do not turn away from me.

I think if we're all really honest about it, most of us probably have a bit of both political persuasions in our make up. We just lean more to the left or right. There's also a lot of fake and out-of-context news out there. We need to pick and choose wisely before sharing just because we want to poke fun and insult. I have a cousin, (from a different political camp than I), who says it so well: something to the effect that it's best to be open-minded but not to the extent that your brains fall out.

Let's make a point to look out for and respect one another. I will never unfriend someone just because their political or religious views differ from mine as long as we can all be kind.

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