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I gotta laugh: When I Googled this expression I saw a Youtube video hit and a link to a definition. I clicked on the link to the meaning, and pop up ads for hunting pants came appeared! LOL

This topic reminds me of redneck humor, and I LOVE redneck humor! I classify myself as an Appalachian American. I come by it honestly via both biological and adoptive family. The stereotypes never offend me. On the contrary, I will admit, there is truth to a lot of it!
That being said, you will never catch me:

1- wearing cammo
2- hunting
3- chewing tobacco
4- wearing Daisy Duke shorts
5- displaying a Rebel flag
6- driving a beat-up truck
7- using expressions like, “as the crow flies”, “good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise” or “possum ran over my grave”

I’m a non-traditional hillbilly. I here’s what I do:

1- drive an older car, but it’s not a truck
2- eat meatless a lot of the time, but I do love a good steak once in a while
3- make do and try to fix or at least repurpose things before I pitch
4- have a lot of yard / garden ornaments all year round
5- love Mountain Dew / Diet Dew, (but did not let my kids have it till they were much older)
6- don’t mind / judge people who use poor grammar, (but I avoid using it myself, especially at work and in writing, except for artistic license)
7- avoid wearing shoes, (except for work and the gym)
8- rarely get dressed up, (but when I do I like to go all out!)
9- appreciate and respect old pictures, styles, décor, hand-made items
10- revere my ancestors and their traditions and try to pass it on to my kids
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