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My daughter, (Fuzzy1), is in nursing school. She loves all things bloody, gutsy and gory. You cannot gross this girl out. This is the person you want in your corner should things go wrong. She had the knowledge, some experience and a whole lot of tolerance.
She became inspired to pursue something related to medicine at a very early age. Learning disabilities held her back for years but she persevered. You want this girl to be your nurse because she personally knows how to overcome.
She muddled through high school, determined to un-label herself as destined for the vocational track. (Not that there’s anything wrong with vocational education, but she, (and I), felt she was being type-casted by a super-high achieving school district that was a lovely place to study but more focused on their blue ribbon status and bragging rights than teaching to ALL learners.
Fuzzy1 took geo-chem, college prep biology and then anatomy and physiology. She plowed through college prep English and read books and wrote papers with the students regarded as rock stars. She did not graduate with honors and trophies, but she exceeded everyone’s expectations and made it fair and square. Then she went to community college and made Dean’s List with a medical assisting degree. In a year or so she will have a BSN and currently is making all As and Bs! I’m a proud mom!
This is the person you want if you have a crisis. She is very good at what she does. She can take orders when she should and give orders when needed. (She used to be that bossy kid you did not mess with in junior high. Now it’s working to her advantage!)
When my husband was diagnosed with APL leukemia in 2014, she was concerned of course, but also fascinated and inspired by what she saw his care team doing to bring her dad into remission.

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Congratulations! She sounds like a real worker and caring person! This is a great tribute to both her and you!

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Congratulations on supporting your daughter as she works toward these goals!

And also, congratulations on writing so well to all these topics! Great work -- really enjoyed your entries!! :D

Date: 2016-12-23 12:14 am (UTC)
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I appreciate that! Thanks!

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You should be proud! She sounds terrific, and just what a patient needs in a nurse. "Exceeding everyone's expectations" is worth a whole lot more than a shelf full of trophies.

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Exactly! Thanks!

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Sounds like she knows exactly what she wants and perseveres towards that goal. A good person to fight in your corner indeed!

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She definitely sounds like someone I'd want in my corner!

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She sure is! Thanks!


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