Mar. 16th, 2017

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Rita and Martin were sitting side by side at the bar.
They were total strangers with very little in common.
Martin liked to think he was stronger than he really was.
She was very sweet, but at times there was a sour side to her character.

Both Martin and Rita were feeling quite empty this evening. Neither one spoke.
And they stared across the counter, she with a glassy expression, he with his one green eye.
That green eye annoyed Rita.
She felt as though he was ogling her in an inappropriate way.

Martin made her feel uneasy and awkward just sitting there while beads of sweat dripped slowly down his side.
Rita wanted desperately to leave, but she could not. Suddenly she was frozen.
She shifted uncomfortably in her foam-green skirt and tried to look away from the offensive verdant eye,
But not before giving Martin one last salty look.

That’s when she noticed Bart in his white shirt and black bow tie.
Bart was Tender, charming and elegant. He could have entertaining discussions for hours, and she adored listening to him chat about sports, describe travel destinations and tell jokes with everyone.

Bart always looked on the bright side and saw the glass as half-full. A nice guy like Bart would serve Rita well!

All of a sudden Bart reached across the bar and carefully cupped his hand around her,
and Rita began to melt a little…


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